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Parish Magazines

Battisford has two parish magazines; The Barclif and The Four Parishes Magazine.

The Barclif is published by Battisford Village Hall Management Committee and is published three times per year:   1st April, 1st August and 1st December.   It has a circulation of 600 and free copies are delivered to households in Battisford, Combs and Little Finborough.

If you would like to place an advertisement or news item in one/both of the magazines you can email them direct by clicking on the link below.

Email: anthej@btinternet.com


The Four Parishes magazine is distributed to Barking, Battisford, Great Bricett and Ringshall around the 1st of each month, other than Jul/Aug and Dec/Jan.

If anyone would like to place an advertisement in the Four Parishes Magazine, contact them by email at the address below:

Email: julia.shawetaylor@btinternet.com